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CBD Dog Treats

Product Description

Made with the purest CBD isolate, our CBD Sweet Potato pet treats are a treat for your furry friend's taste buds.

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Our Process

Our team has spent countless hours working with dog owners and vets to figure out how best to bring the joys of CBD to our beloved canines. We started off with an understanding that CBD products impact dogs’ nervous systems in much the same way that they do humans. Meaning that they instill a sense of calm while reducing pain signals from throughout the body.

The questions quickly became: what dosage and when?

That took trial and error, with our team working with the best in the field to find the right answer. Finally, we realized that the dosage must be tempered to meet the overall weight of the dog, with the dosage timing being similar to that of humans.

It is with that knowledge in mind that we have crafted this product, perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our production method, which uses the latest in effective CO2 extraction to produce a healthy and all-natural full-spectrum CBD oil product, has everything you need to help your dog live his best life.

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How To Use Our CBD Products

Pure CBD products made using simple, natural carrier oils and botanicals

CBD Gummies
Step 1

Take an organic hemp CBD gummy from container.

Step 2

Pop the gummy in your mouth and chew.

Step 3

Suck on it or chew slowly before swallowing for maximum absorption of CBD goodness.

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Please keep in a cool, dry location for storage. A cupboard or a pantry, for instance, are great places to store your dog treats. Refrigeration is not necessary as long as the product is not in direct sunlight. Also, make sure that the safety lid is tightly secured on the container when not in use.